April 2016

Jen H.

This month's highlighted athlete has been a loyal CrossFit Gallant member for over 2 years. With this longevity it's no surprise that she has experienced ups and downs in her pursuit of fitness. We are recognizing her this month because in these highs and lows she chose to push through. She has become a very smart and self aware athlete. She has chosen to analyze her results in the box and address her short comings from all angles. She seeks help with skills, nutrition, supplements, etc. In doing so she has made tremendous gains and broken through numerous plateaus. This is all evident by her performance in this year's Open. Not to mention, she is dedicated to our community. If there is Gallant event, it's almost guaranteed she will be there (dragging her family along). Everyone please congratulate Jenn H. as our newest 2016 Athlete of the Month, she has more than earned it!