August 2016

Jess C.

I am very happy to announce Jessica C. as our August 2016 Athlete of the Month. She found our community through her best friend and was a staple in our Saturday Community WOD for a while before deciding to jump in with both feet, and we can not be happier that she decided to do so. Jess has been a huge advocate for our box since day one and we are extremely thankful for her support. She has learned a lot since joining, accomplished even more, and most importantly maintained her positive outlook. Jes will be competing in her first CrossFit competition this month and we are can't wait to watch her represent Gallant.


She had a very recent FB post that sums thing up nicely about her positive influence in our community. Hope you don't mind Jes.

I have been hearing this from a lot of women lately. Especially Single Ladies. That after they have worked out and they are sweaty and worn out they do not want to go out in public. This doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't we be proud of ourselves for being healthy and fit? That we just pushed ourselves hard enough to be sweaty and gross? And if somebody doesn't find us attractive because of it, isn't that a warning sign? That that person doesn't have the same priorities as u...s? I know that I am in a relationship, so maybe it is easy for me to say. But I think if I was in the dating scene that someone finding me attractive or asking about where I workout to find something in common, means more to me than when I am cleaned up and dressed my best. Yes, we work hard so that we can look and feel our best. Let's just acknowledge women for their hard work, not just the end result.

Kudos to my girlfriends that are pushing themselves everyday. You are so inspiring. Cheers to you and your sweat, chalk, dirt, callused hands, shin splints, sore muscles, and more.