January 2019

Jeff M.

Our January 2019 athlete of the month is Jeff M, of "Arm Jeff" as he affectionately called according to some of our athletes. Jeff is an amazing member of our community and has truly grown as an athlete since first joining in August of 2017. He shows up day in and day out and puts in the work with a smile on his face. It's that simple. He attends classes regularly, buys into the programming, and is generally a lot of fun to be around. Jeff is a staple in our open gym class on Sundays and without a doubt this has contributed to his accomplishments as an athlete. Jeff competed in his first local CrossFit competition last November and even got his first bar muscle up in one of the WODs, then a few more just for good measure. These are just a few of the reasons that we selected Jeff as our athlete of the month. Make sure you congratulate this guy the next time you see him.