July 2017

Jolene B.

This month we are breaking protocol. Typically, we have acknowledged athlete's of the month in an alternating male and female pattern. However, this month we felt recognizing the efforts of our July athlete of the month could not be postponed. Jolene B. Has come a very long way since joining Gallant. With us she has gotten stronger and faster and despite mainstream thought processes she gained weight to do so. When thinking about getting fit gaining weight is a foreign concept for most...but every athlete is unique and this was a goal of hers from the get go. Her competitive attitude and commitment to the work day in and day out have no doubt played a large role in her success. Along the way she has always been an outspoken advocate for CrossFit and specifically our box. She is so committed to our box that she even changed jobs to stay in Texas and remain a member of Gallant*.

*I'm sure there were more compelling reason for Jolene to change jobs but I'd like to think her decision to stay in Texas was actually made based on her remaining a member of our community.