June 2017

Krista A.

Krista has come a long way since joining the Gallant family. I look back on where she started and where she is today and I can't help but smile. She's always had an amazingly positive attitude and has pushed herself since day one. Her commitment to movement integrity and willingness to get uncomfortable are no doubt some the reason she has progressed so much in her less than 1 year with us. She's not only made her fitness a priority while at home but when travelling as well. She's not afraid to drop in at boxes in other states or countries. Furthermore, she recently threw down and tested herself in a local competition, something we recommend every athlete do. We are extremely excited to see what she can achieve in the months/years to come. Please join me in congratulating Krista on this achievement.

***We realize hat last month's athlete of the month was Gary, Krista's husband. This is not a gimmick, each earned the honor of athlete of the month on their own. We feel this is a reflection of having someone in your life to push and pull you. Someone to hold you accountable and accompany you as you grow and evolve.