March 2017

Eric F.

Eric has been an awesome addition to our community since day one. Eric is a large framed, strong guy, with a shaved head and could easily come across as intimidating. Rest assured that's just part of his charm. Anyone that has spent any time with Eric will vouch he is a riot and all bark with no bite, and we love that about him. He is always in a jovial mood and he keeps everyone around him on their toes. As an athlete, Eric has made tremendous strides since joining Gallant. We have made great progress on his "curl and jerks" and he is very close to HSPU. We want to thank Eric for his commitment to and support of our box. We also acknowledge and respect that he understands the broader scope of the CrossFit community. He maintains a great relationship with the box he started with back home and when he travels for work he drops in at other boxes. Congratulations Eric on this well deserved Athlete of the Month recognition.