May 2016

Vince P.

I am particularly excited to announce our May athlete of the month. This guy shows up regularly, puts in the work, and has been a great advocate for our community. Since starting at Gallant he has gotten stronger, faster, and has improved his skills. He got his first muscle up (plus some) in his first ever CrossFit Open. On the other hand, ask him about double unders. His commitment to technique and appropriate scaling is something we all could learn from. This guy has zero ego and is more concerned with where he wants to be than where he is right now. Next time you see Vince P. in the box, tell him congrats for earning the May athlete of the month honor. Vincenzo, we can't wait to see where you take your fitness!

**Addendum. UPDATE, June 2016. Vince is on the cusp of dominating double unders. He can routinely hit 30 or more in a row.