May 2018

Hyma S.

Hyma has been training with us for almost exactly a year, she started in June of '17. In that time she has had tremendous success. She has greatly improved her movement patterns, lost a bunch of weight, and is down several clothing sizes. On top of that, she has greatly improved her cardio capacity and recently became the first female Gallant athlete to deadlift over 300 pounds, 305 to be exact. To recap, that means in less than a year she has improved range of motion and coordination, lost weight and inches, gotten faster and stronger. All in all it's safe to say that she has improved every area of her fitness.

In here words "I have reached so many milestones that I thought couldn't be possible". She went on to say thanks to all of the Gallant Coaches and "I feel stronger and more confident". All that success and still so humble, you Hyma are a class act. Keep up the great work.