November 2018

Gene P.

Gene's been training with us since the very end of December 2016, so call it January of '17. He got his start in CrossFit different than most, he joined our box as sort of a work requirement. At the time, Gene's company was working on a partnership with CrossFit HQ. When Gene walked into our box day one he told us "a guy named Greg told me I needed to join". "Greg" had told Gene that if they were going to work together, then Gene needed to learn first hand what the community was about. Turns out "Greg" is Greg Glassman, you may have heard of him? (There's a little more to that story but you'll have to ask Gene, he tells it better than I do.) Although he wasn't completely aware of what he was getting into Gene was optimistic to say the least. Gene has always lived an active lifestyle, skate boarding as a kid, a D1 tennis player in college and a tennis teaching pro for over a decade. Unfortunately, that meant Gene came to us with sorted list of mobility issues, and nagging conditions. It took Gene about 8 months into training with us, and a trip to The Games as a spectator, to fully realize what the community and lifestyle have to offer and now that's his favorite part of our sport. Little by little and one by one we were able to get Gene doing things he previously thought wouldn't be possible. It's been a slow process, and there's always room to improve but Gene has bought into the program and celebrates each and every small victory along the way. Gene is now able to squat down into a catcher's position to play catch with his son and is able to play more tennis than he was previously able to, all thanks to improved mobility, endurance, and strength. Great work Gene, we are looking forward to working with you for a long time to come.