September 2016

Rob C.

Rob C. is our newest addition to the Athlete of the Month Club! Rob came to us about 6 months ago in search of a new box to call home. He dropped by one afternoon looking for basic info about our box and was convinced on the spot to participate in the WOD. It actually took very little convincing. (Side note, just so happens it was the Open WOD 16.2) He fit in with the community immediately and has been coming back 4-5 days a week ever since. We are so very happy that he has chosen our box to be his new CrossFit family. He pushes himself daily and recently competed in his first ever CrossFit competition. He has said on more than one occasion that CrossFit has led him to do and try things he previously thought impossible. That's what this is all about! Congratulate Rob when you see him.