Jes Dawson

Box Manager, CF-L2, Burgener Weightlifting L1

Born and raised in Ohio, Jes met Her husband- Doug in 1997 and his career moved them 6 times in their first ten years. They settled in Texas in 2007 with their three children and have called it home ever since.

Jes grew up playing sports and always had a love for fitness. With three small children at home, she decided to start a boot camp in her driveway. This began her love for teaching fitness to others. In 2014, she attended her first CrossFit class and hasn’t looked back since!

She has worked with all ages and group sizes. She has experience with boot camps, personal training, athlete strength and conditioning and CrossFit. She has a passion for teaching proper movement mechanics to ensure that her athletes stay healthy and injury free.

Q: Favorite WOD?

A: “Nancy” (5RFT, 400m Run, 15 Overhead Squats)

Q: Least Favorite WOD?

A: “Karen” (150 wall balls for time)

Q: Favorite Quote?

A: ”Strength is the product of struggle, you must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t.” Henry Rollins