Membership Options

Membership options are available as either month to month ($165/mo) or in 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year commitments at reduced rates, as low as $125/month. Same household Family Member add on rate is $100/mo to any of the above plans.

Special rate available for full time students and Public Service Professionals (ie.police, fire, military, EMS, and teachers). Rate is $125/mo.

*ID is required for Public Service Professionals. For students, a current transcript showing 12+ hours/semester is required.

** *Month to month and Student/Public Service Professional memberships will automatically renew each month, unless 10 day notice of cancellation or formal request to change plans is given. Notice of change in plan requests or cancellation need to be emailed. For all other plans a $100 cancellation fee will apply and the same 10 day notice of early cancellation is required.


If you currently CrossFit at another affiliate the following applies.

Dropping in from out of town? Single classes rates are $20. If you will be in town for a week or more, we can offer a $40/week plan, come as often as you'd like. Contact us before coming in to get things set up.

Already a CrossFitter and looking for a new box? Try us out for free before making any decisions, your first class is on us.

In either case, please call or email before coming in.

Class Schedule

Monday - Friday
5:30 AM / 8:30 AM / 12:00 PM / 4:30 PM / 5:30 PM / 6:30 PM
8:00 AM - Weightlifting / 9:00 AM - Community WOD
Open Gym (members only)
Tuesday 7:30pm/Thursday 7:30pm and Saturday 11am

p: (817) 707-0465