We are an official CrossFit affiliate located centrally between Dallas and Ft Worth. We are dedicated to helping you build a lifestyle of broad, general, and inclusive fitness through movement and nutrition.

How to Get Started

FREE No Sweat Consult

Come in for a 30 min no pressure consult. This time is spent learning a about you and your goals, while addressing any questions or concerns you might have about CrossFit. We will then be able to recommend the best path to integrated into our community.

FREE Trial Class

Almost ready to join but want to test the waters? We would love to offer you a FREE trial class to show you a little bit of what we do day in and day out. Select this option and we can get you all set up.

Ready To Join

You are familiar with the CrossFit training methodology and are ready to enroll in our beginner program. We will need to get you through 3 one on one training sessions before you can join regular group classes. Check this option for more details on scheduling.

I'm not sure...

Looking for more information? Select this option and we will have a staff member reach out to you to determine the most appropriate and safest way to get you started.



The 2020 season began with a Team of 3 Throwdown here at CrossFit Gallant. The competition was designed for newbies and beginners to get their first taste of competition but, also to allow provide a path to qualify for the Championship for those who wish to do so. The event was a lot of fun and we hope you can join us for the next one.

Burgener Weightlifting Level 1

Weightlifting Level 1 Course. The course objective is to teach coaches and athletes how to teach and perform the snatch, clean, jerk – safely, efficiently and effectively. Spend 2 days dialing in the fundamentals, drills and positions for both the snatch and clean & jerk in both coaching and performance breakouts. The focus is on participants learning and experiencing the foundational teaching points for instructing others to achieve them. (Formerly the CrossFit® Weightlifting Course) Click HERE to register.


CrossFit is unlike other training programs you may have done, we combine elements of gymnastics, power lifting, olympic lifiting, aerobic and anaerobic training. We want to make sure we get you started safely. Select one of the options below.