We are an official CrossFit affiliate located centrally between Dallas and Ft Worth. Establised in 2013, family owned and operated, and dedicated to helping our members build a lifestyle of broad, general, and inclusive fitness through movement and nutrition.

How to Join

CrossFit is unlike other training programs you may have done, we combine elements of gymnastics, power lifting, olympic lifiting, aerobic and anaerobic training. We want to make sure we get you started safely. Select one of the options below.

FREE No Sweat Consult

Come in for a 30 min no pressure consult. During this time we want to learn about you and your goals, while addressing any questions or concerns you might have about CrossFit. Once we know where you're coming from and where you want to go, we can show you how CrossFit can help. We will then be able to recommend the best path to get you started. Schedule now

FREE Trial Class

Almost ready to join but want to test the waters? We would love to offer you a FREE trial class to show you a little bit of what we do day in and day out. Select this option and we can get you on the schedule. If you are new to CrossFit we will staff an extra Coach on the day you'd like to come in, please allow 24 hour notice. Schedule now

Ready To Join

You are familiar with the CrossFit training methodology and are ready to enroll in our beginner Foundations Program. We will need to get you through 3 one on one training sessions before you can join regular group classes. Check this option for more details on scheduling/pricing. ***Don't need the beginner program? let us know your CrossFit experience in the comment section and we can schedule a test out session. Contact us