Athlete of the Month


May 2019 Athlete of the Month is Cassidy H., if you are a member of our box and don't know who she is I'd be shocked. She's been with us since last September and to my knowledge she has attended every class time we offer. She is a constant fixture in the box and does it day in and out with a quiet demeanor. She's always pleasant and quick with a smile, but don't let her fool you.... she's a competitor. She is definitely one of our fastest athletes, and her weightlifting and body weight movements continue to improve. Cassidy, congratulations and keep up the good work!

April 2019 Kyle.jpg

Our newest Athlete of the Month is also a (relatively) new dad, Kyle S. is taking the title for April 2019.

Kyle has always made CrossFit a priority for himself, and even now in life after baby number 1 Kyle is still a regular in the box. He shows up almost every day with baby in tow. It's been awesome to see that he's continuing his commitment to fitness. He consistently puts in a solid effort earning some of the best scores on the daily whiteboard. That's not easy to do, especially when you have to deal with the occasional dirty diaper or any number of other baby distractions. Kyle also was able to claim the top spot of all the CrossFit Gallant men that competed in the Open last month. Kyle's dedication and strong work ethic definitely contributed to him winning the Open. They are also the qualities that earned Athlete of the month and how we know that he's going to be an outstanding dad.

***Truth be told, he probably would have earned Athlete of the Month earlier but we had to wait for him to shave that terrible mustache before we could post a picture of him...

March 2019 Open.jpeg

This month we want to recognize every single one of our athletes that participated in The Open. You did decided to put yourself out there, on display, and showcase your fitness against the rest of the CrossFit world. That's nothing to take lightly, kudos to you. We could not be prouder of each and every one of you. We can't wait to see how much you improve by the 2020 Open.


Kristin S.

Kristin has been a Gallant athlete since March of '18, however she was not a newbie to fitness when she got here. She showed up day one ready to work and compete, she has continued to bring that mentality into the box everyday she trains. That's not to say she hasn't had set backs and hit a few bumps in the road. The key to her fitness is consistency, knowing when to push, when to scale, and when to rest. Additionally, she asks questions to understand the "why" in programming, listens to Coach's scaling recommendations, and responds to coaching cues. She has bought into the training methods and she is tapped into the social aspect of our community as well. She has attended most Gallant events and outings. It's safe to say she's made a lot of new friend in the almost 1 year she's been here. Be sure to give her a high five or pat on the back for all that she has accomplished.


Jeff M.

Our January 2019 athlete of the month is Jeff M, of "Arm Jeff" as he affectionately called according to some of our athletes. Jeff is an amazing member of our community and has truly grown as an athlete since first joining in August of 2017. He shows up day in and day out and puts in the work with a smile on his face. It's that simple. He attends classes regularly, buys into the programming, and is generally a lot of fun to be around. Jeff is a staple in our open gym class on Sundays and without a doubt this has contributed to his accomplishments as an athlete. Jeff competed in his first local CrossFit competition last November and even got his first bar muscle up in one of the WODs, then a few more just for good measure. These are just a few of the reasons that we selected Jeff as our athlete of the month. Make sure you congratulate this guy the next time you see him.


Caitlin S.

Caitlin has been a member of our box since March 3rd of this year and has made amazing progress in a relatively short period of time. Early on Caitlin had a minor set back that may have derailed a less mentally tough athlete. I won't go into detail, but it involved mobility issue and nerve pain, potentially scary stuff for a newbie. She battled through by modifying when needed, scaling appropriately, working through some progressions, and most importantly listening to her Coaches and her body. She pushes herself every time she's in the box, and has slowly been developing a killer competitive attitude. Between PRs and learning new things (like dball cleans and tire flips) Caitlin continues to surprise herself with her new found fitness. I think it's safe to say that she'll be the first one to tell you that the confidence she has found in training has positively impacted her every day life. Caitlin, we are proud of all that you have accomplished. Your Coaches and fellow athletes are excited to see where you will be this time next year.


Gene P.

Gene's been training with us since the very end of December 2016, so call it January of '17. He got his start in CrossFit different than most, he joined our box as sort of a work requirement. At the time, Gene's company was working on a partnership with CrossFit HQ. When Gene walked into our box day one he told us "a guy named Greg told me I needed to join". "Greg" had told Gene that if they were going to work together, then Gene needed to learn first hand what the community was about. Turns out "Greg" is Greg Glassman, you may have heard of him? (There's a little more to that story but you'll have to ask Gene, he tells it better than I do.) Although he wasn't completely aware of what he was getting into Gene was optimistic to say the least. Gene has always lived an active lifestyle, skate boarding as a kid, a D1 tennis player in college and a tennis teaching pro for over a decade. Unfortunately, that meant Gene came to us with sorted list of mobility issues, and nagging conditions. It took Gene about 8 months into training with us, and a trip to The Games as a...


Kirsten A.

October 2018 athlete of the month is the always giggling Kirsten A. Kirsten has been a member of the box for about a year and a half and like all of us she has experienced some ups and downs in that time. But, I would be hard pressed to think of another athlete that has a more positive outlook and respectful demeanor. She will be the first to tell you that she is in awe of and motivated by the athletes she gets to train with day to day. She is always encouraging of others in class and says things like "I'm going to do that someday". I think sometimes she forgets just how awesome she is too. Kirsten it's time we turn the focus on you. We wanted to a take a moment this month to remind her of just how far she has come and how proud of her we are as Coaches.

8CABACDA-DEE5-436E-8C43-9BBB00A042C1 (1).JPG

Box Dogs

Top 5 reasons why your dogs deserve to be recognized as athlete of the month...

5. They just want to have fun and aren't worried about looking bad/silly/etc in front of

4. They are the only members that are allowed to give out post work out recovery kisses everyone

3. No matter how bad you think you did in a WOD they love and are proud of you

2. They (generally) listen to the Coaches better than a lot of other athletes

1. No matter how "ruff" their day was they always show up with a "pawsitive" attitude


Jason P.

Shout out to someone who has been putting in work consistently since he joined last summer. His steady attendance and commitment to giving 100% effort every day have lead to some impressive gains. Yes he's gotten stronger and leaner, but most notably he has seen improvements in is mobility. Fitness achievements aside, in general Jason represents the core values within our sport and community. His positive attitude is contagious and he's always supportive of his fellow athletes. Thank you Jason for trusting the process and being a part of our Gallant family.


Prashanti K

For the month of July 2018 we are very happy to acknowledge the accomplishments of Prashanti K. Prashanti consistently demonstrates some of the most important virtues we hope to see in athletes. She is always attentive and receptive to coaching instructions and cues, she is willing to work on her weaknesses, she scales appropriately while pushing her comfort level, and more than anything she is appreciative and respectful every day. Basically, Prashanti quietly and humbly puts in the work and trusts the's that simple. Prashanti we can't thank you enough for being part of our community. It will be exciting to see how far you can go on your fitness journey, looking forward to helping you along the way.


Jesse S.

June 2018 Athlete of the Month is our very own Jolly Giant Jesse S. This guy came into our community almost a year ago and made an immediate impact. His day to day positive attitude is undeniably infectious. Furthermore, his ability as an athlete is more than respectable. Of course this guy is strong, you would expect that...but he is surprisingly agile and light on his feet. Jesse's gymnastics abilities have vastly improved since joining Gallant and we can attribute much of this to his desire to attack his weaknesses. He has a self admitted obsession with all things relating to balance and there is no doubt that this internal drive has served him well in our sport. Lastly, I would like to thank Jesse for his outstanding effort in his first ever CrossFit competition last month. Jesse you represented the Gallant community well.


Hyma S.

Hyma has been training with us for almost exactly a year, she started in June of '17. In that time she has had tremendous success. She has greatly improved her movement patterns, lost a bunch of weight, and is down several clothing sizes. On top of that, she has greatly improved her cardio capacity and recently became the first female Gallant athlete to deadlift over 300 pounds, 305 to be exact. To recap, that means in less than a year she has improved range of motion and coordination, lost weight and inches, gotten faster and stronger. All in all it's safe to say that she has improved every area of her fitness.

In here words "I have reached so many milestones that I thought couldn't be possible". She went on to say thanks to all of the Gallant Coaches and "I feel stronger and more confident". All that success and still so humble, you Hyma are a class act. Keep up the great work.


Adiel G

Adiel has been a member of Gallant for a while now and in that time he has racked up more than a few milestones and accomplishments. He has gotten a lot stronger, faster, and his gymnastics movements have improved considerably. This guy puts in the work and the results are undeniable. His positive attitude and willingness to get comfortable being uncomfortable have set him apart. Congrats Adiel, you earned it.


Aidan A.

Our Athlete of the Month for March 2018 is our youngest recipient to date. This athlete started out in our summer teens program a few years ago and it has been amazing to watch her grow as an athlete. Aidan A. has made a lot of progress as a crossfitter. Much of that can be attributed to her consistency in attendance and willingness to ask a coach for guidance. She has always been naturally strong but she has definitely developed a lot of the skills along the way, making her a well balanced athlete. Let's all congratulate her on a job well done. Aidan we are looking forward to seeing you continue your growth and getting to the next level.


Kevin A.

Kevin is a staple in our 4:30pm class. His progress since first joining is nothing short of amazing. Not only have his movements patterns improved immensely, he's gotten stronger, faster, and he's learned how to count. Kevin is one of the most humble and polite athlete's we have ever had the pleasure of coaching. Thank you Kevin for being part of our Gallant family.


Chelsea S.

Our first Athlete of the Month in the new year goes to Chelsea S. Chelsea came into our community mid summer 2017 and immediately made an impact. Chelsea has an extensive background in sports/fitness, plus a deep rooted competitive attitude. Since joining our community she has helped to raise the bar for all of our athletes. She has an awesome sense of humor and pushes her fellow athletes every day. In general, Chelsea shows up, works hard, talks a little good spirited trash, and pushes everyone around her to do their best. We are so very happy to have Chelsea as a Gallant athlete. This month let's all honor Chelsea by immediately taking our shoes and socks off after the WOD.


Nick S.

Big shout out and congratulations to Nick S. Nick is coming up on his 1 year anniversary with CrossFit and honestly it's been a blast to watch his progress. He came to us with a solid background in fitness and some specific goals he had his sights set on. He was/is motivated to say the least. Background aside, he responds well to coaching cues, asks questions, is always willing to learn, and has as an internal drive that helps him to be competitive daily. There is no doubt in my mind that those characteristics are the pertinent factors contributing to his gains. Furthermore, Nick knows his weaknesses and puts in the extra work. I can't tell you how many times post WOD he has gone and run a mile for time. To sum it up, Nick came in with a plan, pushes hard daily, does the extra work, and it's a no brainer he's our Athlete of the Month for December.

*****Bonus acknowledgement...Nick recently competed in his first CrossFit competition. Bottom line be like Nick.


Erin S.

This month's recognized athlete is the always enthusiastic Erin S. Erin is a staple in the 0830 and noon class and if you don't know who she is you are missing out. Erin always shows up in good mood and ready to work. She works hard, knows her weaknesses, and is consistently taking steps to improve. She has seen gains in almost every lift since joining our box, but more importantly through her dedicated efforts she has significantly improved her skills, ie double unders, pull ups, toes to bar. We can't wait to see how far she will go on her fitness journey. We are so happy to have her as part of our community.


Jeremy R.

Jeremy R. has been a Gallant athlete for a long time, he took a brief hiatus from us early on but found his way back. He came to us with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude, admittedly it was hard to see at first due to his shy nature. He had a rare combination of great mobility, raw strength and good cardio capacity. Conversely, where he struggled was in the skill department, timing, coordination, and pacing were his limiting factors. It's been a long road but I'll be the first to say he has improved in all areas fitness related. More often than not it's been a two steps forward and one step back process but the take away is that he is still improving. Throughout the process he remains humble, thankful, respectful, and committed. Side note...Jeremy competed in his first CrossFit competition during our Gauntlet event last month and is already tackling competition number 2 next week at the Festivus Games. Be sure to give Jeremy and his awesome beard a high five when you see him.


Bianca A.

September 2017 Athlete of the month is the always upbeat and energetic Bianca A. She has been a Gallant athlete for more than 2 years. Her general commitment to the box and community is second to none. She has been attending classes more than 3 times a week for a long time now and her consistency has been paying off. Her strength, capacity, and skills are consistently improving. Furthermore, she has been involved with almost every social event in the box, to include competitions (competitor and spectator) and other outings. Bianca, thanks for being such an integral part of our Gallant community.


Andy A.

This month's recognized athlete is being acknowledged for his consistency, dedication, and commitment to our box. Congrats Andy A! Hehas come a long way in ability/capacity, but more importantly he has become a self aware athlete. He has learned to respect the intellectual side of what we do. He is figuring out and understanding the "why" in our training philosophy. Lately, he's been analyzing his performance, tracking his WODs, and applying that knowledge to his future goals as an athlete. This has lead to an increase in performance that is undeniable. All of his success aside, it's also worth noting Andy has been active in recruiting other members to our community. If that doesn't prove he believes in what we are doing I'm not sure what will.


Jolene B.

This month we are breaking protocol. Typically, we have acknowledged athlete's of the month in an alternating male and female pattern. However, this month we felt recognizing the efforts of our July athlete of the month could not be postponed. Jolene B. Has come a very long way since joining Gallant. With us she has gotten stronger and faster and despite mainstream thought processes she gained weight to do so. When thinking about getting fit gaining weight is a foreign concept for most...but every athlete is unique and this was a goal of hers from the get go. Her competitive attitude and commitment to the work day in and day out have no doubt played a large role in her success. Along the way she has always been an outspoken advocate for CrossFit and specifically our box. She is so committed to our box that she even changed jobs to stay in Texas and remain a member of Gallant*.

*I'm sure there were more compelling reason for Jolene to change jobs but I'd like to think her decision to stay in Texas was actually made based on her remaining a member of our community.


Krista A.

Krista has come a long way since joining the Gallant family. I look back on where she started and where she is today and I can't help but smile. She's always had an amazingly positive attitude and has pushed herself since day one. Her commitment to movement integrity and willingness to get uncomfortable are no doubt some the reason she has progressed so much in her less than 1 year with us. She's not only made her fitness a priority while at home but when travelling as well. She's not afraid to drop in at boxes in other states or countries. Furthermore, she recently threw down and tested herself in a local competition, something we recommend every athlete do. We are extremely excited to see what she can achieve in the months/years to come. Please join me in congratulating Krista on this achievement.

***We realize hat last month's athlete of the month was Gary, Krista's husband. This is not a gimmick, each earned the honor of athlete of the month on their own. We feel this is a reflection of having someone in your life to push and pull you. Someone to hold you...


Gary A.

Another month gone by brings me the pleasure of announcing our May Athlete of the Month. This month we recognize the progress, hard work, and (most importantly) the great attitude of Gary A. Since coming to CrossFit Gallant, Gary has done everything we have asked and then some. He pushes himself daily but knows his limits and keeps his ego in check. With that mindset it's no wonder he has seen steady growth training with us. Of course he's gotten stronger and more comfortable with a barbell, but he is also on the cusp of crushing body weight/gymnastic movements....specifically hand stand push ups and pull ups. Gary's positive attitude day in and day out is infectious and we are lucky to have him as part of our community.


Amanda K

The Athlete of the Month for April is one we have had our eye on for a while. She has been quietly in the background for a long time. But don't let her calm, cool, and collected demeanor fool you, she is dedicated, strong, and competitive. She's got a great sense of humor is always positive. Please join me in congratulating Amanda K as athlete of the month. She has a long list of accomplishments in her relatively short CrossFit career. Her athletic background has given her a slight advantage in gymnastics movements, but her willingness to get comfortable being uncomfortable has led her to make leaps and bounds in progress with the barbell. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that she competed in her first CrossFit Open this year and is always part of our community events. Be sure to give her a high five when you see her.


Eric F.

Eric has been an awesome addition to our community since day one. Eric is a large framed, strong guy, with a shaved head and could easily come across as intimidating. Rest assured that's just part of his charm. Anyone that has spent any time with Eric will vouch he is a riot and all bark with no bite, and we love that about him. He is always in a jovial mood and he keeps everyone around him on their toes. As an athlete, Eric has made tremendous strides since joining Gallant. We have made great progress on his "curl and jerks" and he is very close to HSPU. We want to thank Eric for his commitment to and support of our box. We also acknowledge and respect that he understands the broader scope of the CrossFit community. He maintains a great relationship with the box he started with back home and when he travels for work he drops in at other boxes. Congratulations Eric on this well deserved Athlete of the Month recognition.


Kristyn P.

Athlete of the Month is Kristyn P. She has come a long way in the year she has been with Gallant and it only seems fit we recognize her for her accomplishments. Kristyn is a delight to have in class, she motivates everyone around her and is very coachable. Body weight movements are her jam and barbell stuff isn't her favorite...but she continues to push herself to get outside of her comfort zone. We are excited to see how Kristyn does in the Open this year. Light weight, body weight, and cardio capacity based WODs typical in the Open are in her favor. Kristyn we are prod of how far you have come and can't wait to see how for you go!


Bryan C.

Bryan has only been with the Gallant community for a few months but we are happy to award him the honor of our first athlete of the month for calendar year 2017. Bryan routinely displays a positive attitude and outstanding work ethic in class. Furthermore, he has taken the time to address and fine tune his nutrition, clearly recognizing the direct correlation between diet and performance/progress. We have been happy to provide him with guidance in this aspect of his fitness. Lastly, Bryan has been so positively influenced by what we are doing at Gallant that he has become an outspoken ambassador for CrossFit. We are happy to hear that he convinced his sister to start with a box near her and can't wait to hear about her progress!


Cindy M.

I can't believe we are already closing out 2016. It's December and time again to recognize one of our athletes. December 2016 Athlete of the Month is Cindy M. It was an easy decision to elect Cindy as our Athlete of the Month. She has been coming into the box consistently for a long time and always has a great attitude, She is someone that truly epitomizes the glass is half full philosophy. Cindy has come a long way in her training and continues to learn and improve daily, I can't wait to see what she will accomplish moving forward. Not to mention, she has been hitting PRs left and right lately. This chick....I can't say enough about her.


Jean Carlo P.

Jean Carlo P., ie J.C. has earned the honor of our November 2016 athlete of the month. He has only been a member of our community for a short time but he is a long time CrossFitter. His dedication to training and level of involvement in our community activities is unparalleled. He is in the box most days of the week, stays late to work on weaknesses, and attends most social outings. During WODs it's normal to witness him hit the next level. Not necessarily the next level of performance, but more importantly the next level of commitment. He pushes himself, as hard as he can most of the time. That's easier said than done. We could all learn something from JC, attack your weaknesses, go hard every day, and make friends. Conversely, ....JC take a rest day every once and a while!


Mandi P.

Another month gone by in the blink of an eye and thus another opportunity to recognize the achievements of one of our athletes. Please congratulate athlete Mandi P as she has earned the title of Gallant Athlete of the Month. Mandi has been a members of the box for a long time and is one of or biggest supporters. She believes in what we are doing and is a great advocate for our community. Day in and day out she maintains a positive and respectful attitude, ie she tries hard, respects herself, her peer athletes, and Coaches. She takes coaching cues and critiques well and implements changes to better her performance. As if that wasn't enough... she has a few milestones worth mentioning. Pull ups...check, double unders...check, and (recently) handstand push ups...check! We are very lucky to have Mandi as part of our community. .


Rob C.

Rob C. is our newest addition to the Athlete of the Month Club! Rob came to us about 6 months ago in search of a new box to call home. He dropped by one afternoon looking for basic info about our box and was convinced on the spot to participate in the WOD. It actually took very little convincing. (Side note, just so happens it was the Open WOD 16.2) He fit in with the community immediately and has been coming back 4-5 days a week ever since. We are so very happy that he has chosen our box to be his new CrossFit family. He pushes himself daily and recently competed in his first ever CrossFit competition. He has said on more than one occasion that CrossFit has led him to do and try things he previously thought impossible. That's what this is all about! Congratulate Rob when you see him.


Jess C.

I am very happy to announce Jessica C. as our August 2016 Athlete of the Month. She found our community through her best friend and was a staple in our Saturday Community WOD for a while before deciding to jump in with both feet, and we can not be happier that she decided to do so. Jess has been a huge advocate for our box since day one and we are extremely thankful for her support. She has learned a lot since joining, accomplished even more, and most importantly maintained her positive outlook. Jes will be competing in her first CrossFit competition this month and we are can't wait to watch her represent Gallant.


She had a very recent FB post that sums thing up nicely about her positive influence in our community. Hope you don't mind Jes.


13690886_1392370060778661_278238511679365555_n (2).jpg

Sam W.

This month we would like to acknowledge the effort and dedication of Sam W. Sam has been a CrossFitter for the past few years and moved to the area last spring. We are very happy that Sam found our box and chose our community as his new CrossFit family. When Sam is in the box he is always encouraging to other athletes, always positive, and is a self aware athlete who knows when to scale but is still always pushing his limits/comfort zone. Sam is also our newly self appointed event czar. He is so interested in contributing to our community that he has volunteered to be our box extracurricular event coordinator. Meaning, he will be our point of contact for all things related to fitness events, ie fun runs, Spartan races, Ragnar runs, biking, hiking, kickball, volleyball, etc.

13346526_1361418833873784_7310298317172407793_n (2).jpg

Merry D.

For June 2016, we recognize the hard work and dedication of Merry D. Unofficial box grandma (Goppi as my kids call her)! As the oldest athlete at Gallant she continually inspires other athletes to push their conceived limits. She has had injuries and set backs, but keeps showing up for more. After 4 years of CrossFit, she recently committed to WODing 4 times a week, and just this month she completed full Murph! Merry defies conventional thinking regarding aging and is getting comfortable being uncomfortable. How many 64 year olds do you know can back squat 135#, deadlift 180#, and still rock out solid hand stand holds? So proud of you mom! We know you will keep inspiring us kids.


Vince P.

I am particularly excited to announce our May athlete of the month. This guy shows up regularly, puts in the work, and has been a great advocate for our community. Since starting at Gallant he has gotten stronger, faster, and has improved his skills. He got his first muscle up (plus some) in his first ever CrossFit Open. On the other hand, ask him about double unders. His commitment to technique and appropriate scaling is something we all could learn from. This guy has zero ego and is more concerned with where he wants to be than where he is right now. Next time you see Vince P. in the box, tell him congrats for earning the May athlete of the month honor. Vincenzo, we can't wait to see where you take your fitness!

**Addendum. UPDATE, June 2016. Vince is on the cusp of dominating double unders. He can routinely hit 30 or more in a row.


Jen H.

This month's highlighted athlete has been a loyal CrossFit Gallant member for over 2 years. With this longevity it's no surprise that she has experienced ups and downs in her pursuit of fitness. We are recognizing her this month because in these highs and lows she chose to push through. She has become a very smart and self aware athlete. She has chosen to analyze her results in the box and address her short comings from all angles. She seeks help with skills, nutrition, supplements, etc. In doing so she has made tremendous gains and broken through numerous plateaus. This is all evident by her performance in this year's Open. Not to mention, she is dedicated to our community. If there is Gallant event, it's almost guaranteed she will be there (dragging her family along). Everyone please congratulate Jenn H. as our newest 2016 Athlete of the Month, she has more than earned it!


Jeremy T.

March Athlete of the month Jeremy T. (J.T. as we know him) has been with us for a little over a year. In that short time, he has seen gains in his strength, stamina, and skills. This is undoubtedly the result of dedication and coach-ability. He trains at least 4 days a week and is always asking questions to expand his knowledge base. He recognized a need to improve his Oly lifts and sought out accessory programming to compliment his regular training. That's what it means to find your weaknesses and attack them. JT has immersed himself in the CrossFit methodology and we can't wait to see where it will take him.

Katie P.jpg

Katie P.

February's Athlete of the Month is Katie P. With her positive attitude, Katie immediately fit right in to our community. She's got a killer competitive attitude while still remaining humble, and encouraging to everyone she trains with. Katie takes coaching cues well and never makes excuses. We look forward to seeing her continue to improve at Crossfit Gallant.


Ron W.

Ron W. is CrossFit Gallant's first athlete of the month for 2016. Since day one in the box Ron has given 100%. He listens, works hard, and generally has a great attitude. Ron pushes himself hard every day and has come a long way as an athlete. Ron's dedication and involvement in our community is what has made him stand out. Since he joined CrossFit Gallant, he has attended every competition our athletes have participated in, he has been a part of our brew mile crew, attended our 2nd anniversary party, and even submitted an ornament in the tree decorating contest. Side note, we are pretty sure he has opened a Pinterest account after discovering his crafting abilities. All joking aside, we are lucky to have Ron in our community.


Natalia S.

Our December Athlete of the Month is one of our newer athletes, Natalia S. Natalia joined our community in early August and has been quietly and quickly improving in all areas of fitness. She attends most days of the week and is not only getting stronger and faster, but has already achieved some very specific goals. Natalia has a desire to serve others and push limits, and she plans on joining the military in the near future. Before doing so, she knew she needed to address her health and fitness prior to enlistment. Through hard work and adjustments to her nutrition, she not only reached, but surpassed her goals in her first two months with us. Thus, she is one step closer to leaving our community. We will hate to see her go, but applaud her decision to serve her country. We are happy and humbled Natalia chose Crossfit Gallant to help her get where she wants to be.


Reggie G.

This month we are very happy to recognize the hard work of fellow New Yorker Reggie G. Reggie came to CrossFit Gallant over a year ago and was admittedly stuck in a rut with his work out routine, though he still considered himself a "pretty fit guy". Since day one he has given 100% in every WOD, he's discovered and worked on weaknesses, and it's safe to say that through his CrossFit journey Reggie has changed his definition of fitness. He is committed to CrossFit whether he's in town or not, while traveling he makes time to drop in at other boxes or squeeze in a hotel WOD. We are very proud of how far he has come, and are looking forward to how far he will go.


Bre M.

Our October Athlete of the Month is Bre. Her positive attitude, constant singing, and ridiculous dancing can't help but wake us up during the 5:30 a.m. class each day. She continues to attack her weaknesses and has found a comfort level with being uncomfortable. This determination has allowed her to hit multiple PRs in the last two months. Most importantly, Bre trusts in the programming and her coaches. She's receptive to coaching cues and is dedicated to improving/learning. Be sure and congratulate her when you see her.


Zach M.

Zach has come a long way athletically since joining our crossfit community several months ago. He continues to PR on lifts, his skills are getting better and most importantly, he has embraced the community aspect of our box. His is always positive and he routinely supports fellow athletes. Keep up the good work Zach! We look forward to seeing how far you can go in your crossfit career.


Melanie B.

There's no denying that Melanie has made amazing progress with us over the past year. Not only does she continue to crush WODs, she brings her positive attitude each and every day. She has gotten stronger and faster all while sporting an infectious smile. Mel, we're lucky to have you as a member of our community, and CONGRATS!


Scott G.

July's athlete of the month has flown under the radar for a while. Scott G. quietly and consistently works on his weaknesses every week. By pushing himself outside of his comfort zone, he is starting to find himself on top of the whiteboard on a regular basis. Keep up the good work Scott!


Amanda F.

This month's Athlete of the Month has been quietly WODing with a bun in the oven. Amanda F. only recently made the news public that she's expecting. Amanda comes in each week, knowing that our coaches can modify her workouts as needed. Her commitment to fitness and healthy living, for her and baby, are the reason she's earned the title of May Athlete of the Month.