April 2019 Kyle.jpg

April 2019

Our newest Athlete of the Month is also a (relatively) new dad, Kyle S. is taking the title for April 2019.

Kyle has always made CrossFit a priority for himself, and even now in life after baby number 1 Kyle is still a regular in the box. He shows up almost every day with baby in tow. It's been awesome to see that he's continuing his commitment to fitness. He consistently puts in a solid effort earning some of the best scores on the daily whiteboard. That's not easy to do, especially when you have to deal with the occasional dirty diaper or any number of other baby distractions. Kyle also was able to claim the top spot of all the CrossFit Gallant men that competed in the Open last month. Kyle's dedication and strong work ethic definitely contributed to him winning the Open. They are also the qualities that earned Athlete of the month and how we know that he's going to be an outstanding dad.

***Truth be told, he probably would have earned Athlete of the Month earlier but we had to wait for him to shave that terrible mustache before we could post a picture of him on our website.