December 2017

Nick S.

Big shout out and congratulations to Nick S. Nick is coming up on his 1 year anniversary with CrossFit and honestly it's been a blast to watch his progress. He came to us with a solid background in fitness and some specific goals he had his sights set on. He was/is motivated to say the least. Background aside, he responds well to coaching cues, asks questions, is always willing to learn, and has as an internal drive that helps him to be competitive daily. There is no doubt in my mind that those characteristics are the pertinent factors contributing to his gains. Furthermore, Nick knows his weaknesses and puts in the extra work. I can't tell you how many times post WOD he has gone and run a mile for time. To sum it up, Nick came in with a plan, pushes hard daily, does the extra work, and it's a no brainer he's our Athlete of the Month for December.

*****Bonus acknowledgement...Nick recently competed in his first CrossFit competition. Bottom line be like Nick.