February 2019

Kristin S.

Kristin has been a Gallant athlete since March of '18, however she was not a newbie to fitness when she got here. She showed up day one ready to work and compete, she has continued to bring that mentality into the box everyday she trains. That's not to say she hasn't had set backs and hit a few bumps in the road. The key to her fitness is consistency, knowing when to push, when to scale, and when to rest. Additionally, she asks questions to understand the "why" in programming, listens to Coach's scaling recommendations, and responds to coaching cues. She has bought into the training methods and she is tapped into the social aspect of our community as well. She has attended most Gallant events and outings. It's safe to say she's made a lot of new friend in the almost 1 year she's been here. Be sure to give her a high five or pat on the back for all that she has accomplished.