October 2017

Jeremy R.

Jeremy R. has been a Gallant athlete for a long time, he took a brief hiatus from us early on but found his way back. He came to us with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude, admittedly it was hard to see at first due to his shy nature. He had a rare combination of great mobility, raw strength and good cardio capacity. Conversely, where he struggled was in the skill department, timing, coordination, and pacing were his limiting factors. It's been a long road but I'll be the first to say he has improved in all areas fitness related. More often than not it's been a two steps forward and one step back process but the take away is that he is still improving. Throughout the process he remains humble, thankful, respectful, and committed. Side note...Jeremy competed in his first CrossFit competition during our Gauntlet event last month and is already tackling competition number 2 next week at the Festivus Games. Be sure to give Jeremy and his awesome beard a high five when you see him.