Drop Ins


Although we have reopened, we are being extremely cautious and are focusing on providing the best service we can you our members. We have temporarily modified our normal drop in policy (below). For the time being we are not allowing out of town drop ins. We love meeting new people and are so grateful to be your go to place to train while in DFW, but we feel this is the best move for our members given the current Covid-19 pandemic. We thank you for your understanding.

Policy & Rates

***The following options are available for experienced CrossFitters ONLY. Meaning, that at a minimum you understand the CrossFit training methodology, are competent with the 9 foundational movements, and you have trained within an affiliate in the past.

Looking for a new box or visiting DFW from out of town and looking to crush a WOD? We've got you covered.

Single Visit $20

Week Pass $45

p: 817-576-8888