CrossFit Gallant is family friendly and we welcome your children into our facility. We have a kid's room full of toys and games for them, we even offer specialty kid's courses throughout the year. In an effort to keep your kids and our athletes safe, we ask that you follow a few guidelines.

-Kids are not allowed on the gym floor, unless confined to a stroller and out of the way of other athletes. Please be mindful of your stroller placement. Kids should never impede the actions of athletes in class, in or outside of the box. This is for the safety of your kids and our athletes.

-The box and staff are not responsible for your kids, or for cleaning up after them.

-If your kid is sick (coughing, oozing bodily fluids, a fever of 100.4 or higher, etc.) leave them at home. They must be symptom and fever free for 24 hours before coming back to the box.


-Any kids left unsupervised in the designated kids room must be self sufficient and able to follow kids room rules without supervision-Keep the kids room clean and tidy, check for any messes prior to leaving the box.

-Please clean up any and all food, because some children have food allergies this is non negotiable.

-If your kids can't clean up after themselves the responsibility falls on you, not box staff. This is a great teaching moment, leave it better than you found it. This will make your kids great CrossFitters in the future, building block and dolls get put away just like plyo boxes and med balls.