Valentines Partner WOD, On a Running Clock

A. The Break Up: “Death By” 00:00-14:00

(Each partner working independently)

Burpee Box Jump Overs (24”/20”)

*Score = total reps combined

Description: You’re on your own! Each partner with their own box, working at the same time, add a rep each minute until you can not complete the required reps before the start of the next minute.


B. The Make UP: AMRAP 10 min, 14:00-24:00

14 KB swings 53#/35# (each working at the same time)

14 WBs over the rig 20#/14#

*Score = total reps

Description: Work together, communication will be key. Scale KB loading to allow unbroken reps, and scale WB loading and rig height to accommodate as needed.


C. The Long Haul: 24:00-Finish

3000m Relay Row- 300m increments

*Score = Total time to complete